New Zealand



How we did it


We underestimated New Zealand. We thought 23 days would be enough to experience the entire country. I don’t even think we covered 10% of it. To say we love New Zealand is the understatement of the century. We’ve never seen mountains like that, coupled

Our new favorite way to travel is camper van. You wake up with the most beautiful views, you can cook delicious food at a fraction of a cost, and it gives you the ability to adjust your schedule on the fly should adventure rear its head.

Our camper van was, as we say in Hawaii, a little bit hamajang. You can see exactly what I mean by checking out our little video tour of the camper van.


I’d tell you to imagine waking up everyday with a direct view of God’s creation from your bed, but you don’t have to imagine. You can just look at some of our pics. The first picture you see is the view from the first morning we woke up in our van. Everyday we’d get up, set up our chairs, cook breakfast and spend as much time as we wanted enjoying God, His creation, and each other. It was a little bit of heaven on Earth!

Jules has a great idea of taking similar pictures of our breakfast spots so that people could get an idea of what it was like. Below you will see pics from

  • Mt Cook-the mountain they used in “The Hobbit”.

  • Lake Wanaka

  • A little campground outside of Christ Church

  • Dunedin-one of TJ’s favorite cities.

Needless to say, we left our hearts in New Zealand.


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