Home sweet home!

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So while most people in their mid 30’s are buying a house, we moved on to a boat! If you know us, than you know that this is the exactly the kind of adventure that brings us joy.

Jules has always wanted to live on boat, so much so that we even spent part of honeymoon shopping for fabrics in Vietnam (and when I say part of our honeymoon, I mean hours and hours and hours).

TJ asked one of his friends about boats, and we ended up finding an incredible deal so we could rent it instead of buy it (and avoid the money pit boat conundrum). What a great first home for us!

Of course Jules has one million plans about how to take our boat to the next level. However we whittled down the list to get to phase one of our boat transformation. Scroll down to see our first steps.

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Phase 1:

  1. Change the lighting from harsh ugly Walmart lights (Jules' title) to soft beautiful lights.

  2. Redo the pillows with the fabrics we found in Vietnam.

  3. Add some sort of carpeting to change the dynamic on the floor.

  4. Add a curtain or something to separate the bedroom from the living space.

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